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Public and private hospitals all around the planet, academic institutions and international organizations are part of Newster Group’s growing network of partners, clients and suppliers, with the aim of contributing to a better world by offering and adopting environmentally compatible equipment designed to improve the quality of life. Over two decades in the business made the Italian company a top player globally, mainly thanks to its capacity of manufacturing and marketing certified patented systems offering ecological answers to resolve problems related to hospital hygiene with a range of on-site products that are able to satisfy all sanitary needs for waste disposal.

The managing and disposal of healthcare waste calls for solutions that give priority to the necessity of avoiding biological risks, being friendly to the environment and offer financial advantages. Modern structures are in constant search of new systems that can contribute to optimize the processes involved, while developing hospitals often face other challenges and needs, with the goal of making their facilities more functional and secure. These necessities are crucial in the medical fields and often in other sectors and spaces such as military camps and recovery communities, which produce similar waste and consequently share the same demands.

Newster Group offers innovative and reliable solutions for the management of both fluid and solid waste, providing a new, safe, easy, fast and economic way of dealing with these issues.

Newster has three fields of technology :

Newster NW series for the treatment of solid infectious health care waste. Newster offers 3 models with a capacity starting from 15kg/h and reaching 100kg/h. Newster uses Frictional Heat Technology, meaning that there are no emissions into the environment whatsoever. Our FHT reaches a peak of 150°C during the cycle thus guaranteeing sterilization. Treated waste is dry, unrecognizable, odorless, reduced  in volume by 75% and reduced in weight by 25%. The treated waste can go to landfill as municipal waste or be used as RDF, because of a high calorific value, according to options available in your country.

Newster SWT Safe Water Treatment system disinfects hospital waste water , in particular water from infectious disease wards, before discharging it into the sewer. SWT treats 5 and 10 cubic meters per hour, grinding solid particles that are present in the water and then separating this sludge from the water that is then treated with peracetic acid and discharged into the sewer system. The waste water is disinfected but  cannot be re-used. Newster SWT is completely automatic and an operator is not necessary while it is in function. The system is equipped with two redundant processing lines and a remote control system.

Newster PURA CO3MPACT 4.0 is designed for the decontamination  of a maximum of 150 liters of fluid lab waste per day on-site thanks to it’s compact size . The process uses ozone and a peroxone process .It is an innovative laboratory liquid waste treatment plant, consisting of patented solutions, especially designed for biomedical analysis laboratories liquid waste produced by automatic analyzers for bacteriology, serology, hematology, coagulation, toxicology, immunology, biochemistry among others.

NEWSTER® PURA CO3MPACT technology allows to treat laboratory wastewater in order to permit the introduction of the relative liquid component into the public sewer, with an organic and inorganic pollutants removal greater than 90% and a complete removal of biologic hazards. Thanks to its small size, automatic operations, and the need of minimal maintenance, NEWSTER® PURA CO3MPACT is ideal to be installed inside hospitals and medical laboratories.

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