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MeKo Laser Material Processing

Im Kirchenfelde 12-14
31157 Sarstedt

MeKo is a globally active supplier specialised in laser material processing for medical technology. The company has more than 25 years of experience, in particular in laser cutting of stents, cardiac valve frames and many other components made from metal and other materials. It has already manufactured over 70,000 different components.

Having developed its own modern and extremely precise laser system, MeKo processes flat and tubular materials such as stainless steel and nickel titanium - as well as new bioresorbable materials such as magnesium and polymers. It offers kerf widths and drilling from 10 µm with dimensional accuracy of ± 5 µm. More than 2,000 materials and tube sizes are already available and allow short-term prototyping.

As well as processing materials through laser cutting, welding and drilling, MeKo also offers a variety of secondary processing operations: heat treatment, passivation, electropolishing, shape-setting and all kinds of mechanical processing.

MeKo has been a pioneer in stent manufacturing since 1995. Today, the company is one of the largest stent suppliers worldwide. For this, MeKo uses unique processing operations to provide medical technology companies with high quality individual solutions. Thanks to the expertise it has gained, MeKo is known by many companies as a quality leader.

MeKo's aim is to maintain and develop technological progress with precision and quality in order to offer clients added value for their products. Operations are therefore optimised in closed collaboration with partners. The internal Research and Development Department creates new, client-orientated solutions with the aim of a positive long-term collaboration.

For example, RESOLOY® is a unique magnesium alloy for manufacturing absorbable stents and is freely available for MeKo clients. VASCULOY® is a nickel and cobalt-free alloy with optimal material properties for cardiovascular implants. The coating properties of components can be further improved with surface modifications such as ModiSurf+. LowElast optimises the crimping properties of L605 stents.

Upon request, the components can be subjected to a 100 % visual control in order to ensure perfect quality. They can be minutely analysed in the MeKo-Lab and tested with different visual and mechanical processes. ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 compliant certification makes approval for medical products easy to obtain. All prototypes are manufactured directly on the serial installations. The components are given a final inspection and packaged for the clients in clean rooms.

Since it was founded in 1991 by Dr Meyer-Kobbe, MeKo has been successfully manufacturing components for its clients. The company is located in Sarstedt, near Hannover, with over 200 employees. Thanks to the 24/7 manufacturing, orders can be processed in a timely fashion and components are rapidly shipped all over the world.

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