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Meditulip Co., Ltd

Uiryodanji-gil 34, Osong-eup
Cheongju-si, Chungcheongbuk do
South Korea

MEDITULIP focuses on clinical differentiation in minimally invasive surgery
and suggests a new paradigm of cancer treatment.

Since its establishment in April 2015, MEDITULIP Co., Ltd. has made remarkable achievements. Within a year since its establishment, it was selected for the TIPS Program for the first time as a national university (September 2015), certified as a venture firm, registered four domestic patents, five international patents and filed six international applications as well as two PCT applications for our stapler. We also registered 1 domestic patent and filed 1 PCT for our chemoport.

Moreover, we have obtained a factory site within the Osong Bio-Health Science Technopolis and start to manufacture products from 2018.

Furthermore, we established MEDITULIP Global, Inc., a sales and market access company as a subsidiary, to expedite the distribution of MEDITULIP products domestically and overseas and to import innovative products from abroad. 

We will continue to make a second and a third "Surgical History" through continuous research and development based on our clinical focus and development skills. MEDITULIP Co., Ltd. promises to serve as the light and the salt of the world, contributing to the human welfare through continuous innovation, services, and donations.


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Endoscopic Linear Stapler

Endoscopic Linear Stapler