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Medisono LLC

2750 SW 145th Street STE 310
Miramar, FL 33023
United States
+1 (312) 998 3858

Medisono is an American company established in 2012 as a venture capital business formed by people with more than 35 years of experience in the sector of Healthcare.

We manufactured affordable & advanced ultrasounds as an alternative solution to the Medical Imaging Industry, maintaining the right image quality & attending all the demands, but creating at the same time a smarter & powerful tool. 

Our company develops ultrasound technology that supports better quality improved images for an accurate diagnosis.

Our goal is to ally our clients’ needs with the right equipment, providing a smart and more powerful variety of options: from B&W Digital Ultrasound Systems to Digital Color Dopplers with 3D/4D quality images with higher resolutions. We also have available portable Ultrasound Systems for the Veterinary sector, keeping the highs standards of quality outstanding imaging.

Medisono is ISO-13485 certified and also a company of Strena Medical, who has a unique value-added to offer you a powerful ultrasound technology-innovation FDA approved products. We continue to provide our customers with a complete range of options that increase the performance and accelerate the time-to-market of ultrasound devices. We offer immediate service through our US-based Help Desk as well as through our fully trained commercial partners. Our local partners and distributors ensure that no matter where you are, our specialists are available for you.

Exhibited At: 
Convex Array Probe Model C361-2

Medisono Convex Array Probe Model C361-2

ME3 Multi channel Electrocardiograph

Mediblu ME3 Multi channel Electrocardiograph

MM15 Modular Patient Monitor

MedibluMM15 Modular Patient Monitor

Transrectal Probe Model EC2

Medisono Micro-Convex Probe Model C422UB

Endorectal Probe Model V743UA

Endorectal Probe Model V563-2

Endorectal Probe Model V742UB

Medisono Endorectal Probe Model V562UB

Endorectal Probe Model V741

Medisono Endorectal Probe Model V561

Medisono Micro-Convex Probe Model C611

Volumetric Convex Probe Model VC6-2

Medisono Linear Probe Model L742

Medisono Linear Probe Model PB-L742UB

Medisono Linear Probe Model L752

Medisono Linear Probe Model L752

Medisono Linear Probe Model L743

Medisono Linear Probe Model L742UB

Linear Probe Model L741