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14 rue Georges Cuvier

Medical Z® offers a wide range of post-surgical medical compression garments (Zbra®, Lipo-Panty®, and Belts)
offering strength and comfort for all post-surgery outcomes for patients and surgeons.

• Medical Z® is a worldwide leader of compression garments for burn survivors and manufactures compression garments
for plastic and reconstructive surgery since 1981.

• Medical Z® is the first manufacturer of post-surgical compression garments with the Lipo Panty introduced in 1989.

• Continuous investments in R&D allows Medical Z® to develop future products to better treat your patients.

Exhibited At: 

Maternity Belt

Mouth Spacer

Easier De-Epithelization in Mammaplasty

Thin Abdopatch Gel Z™

Thin Medipatch Z™ Pads

Interim Care Garments

Custom Burn Garments

Romeo (S/017)

Combi for Men (S/016)

Z-belt®, Full Torso Male (S/007)

CoolMax® Elegance Combi Suit (EC/016)

Coolmax® Elegance Belt High Back (EC/033)

Coolmax® Elegance Belt, Full Torso Female (EC/012)

Coolmax® Elegance Body (EC/007)

Coolmax® Elegance Lipo-Panty® (EC/001)