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Medica Space (Biomedgates)

Smart Village, Cairo, Egypt

We strongly believe in the importance of communication in terms of marketing and advertising, especially in a significant field like the medical field. We also acknowledge the fact that there are no fast, affordable, smart, and trustworthy means of communication and marketing in the medical field, which disturbs the comfort of the medical community members.

Our channel is considered a series of spaces in which medical members can enter a digital world. A world where they can fulfill their needs in an atmosphere of cooperation and experience exchange between all medical entities -like medical companies- and individuals -like biomedical engineers and doctors- for all medical specialties.

Our website aims to provide maximum comfort to all its users. Hence, it provides plenty of spaces, offering a variety of services and facilities as follows:

  • Networking space: The main purpose of our website is to create a strong network connecting all medical members.
  • Marketing space: The main objective of any medical company is to fulfill their goals and reach their targets easily, quickly, smartly and effectively with an affordable cost. ]
  • Employer space: Created for the benefit of all newcomer doctors, nurses and biomedical engineers who want to enter this market simply by adding their profiles.
  • Trading space: To facilitate the buying and selling of new or used medical equipment between users directly and quickly, without any middlemen or commissions.
  • Training space: This space is created for training and educational materials related to medical equipment and physics theories behind them to be archived and easily accessible to all users.
  • Product space: In which we will collect all medical products, devices, and equipment needed for building a full product index. This space also gives medical companies the chance to demonstrate their products easily, widely and quickly in a very affordable way. 
  • Technology space “B2C”: We created this space specifically for all companies to exhibit their unique signatures to improve the marketing channels between companies and their targeted customers.
  • Events space: Your fast and trusted source of daily updates about recent and upcoming medical events. There is also a sponsoring option to create advertising partners.
  • Directory space: A full directory of all medical companies filtered by the region, company application and product line. Here each company gets the chance to provide information about itself, in addition to contact information such as the contact person, address, e-mail. This facilitates the purchasing process for medical equipment and supplies.
  • Company Networking: This is one of most vital spaces in the medical field and is shown to be very needed in the medical market as a faithful and affordable communication channel. We created this space as it saves a lot of effort, time, and money. It also gives the golden opportunity for those who are seeking certain products to start/complete their business to have access to beneficial data, as well as the companies searching for representative in specific regions/ countries.