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Medela Ag

Laettichstrasse 4b
6340 Baar

Mother’s milk is amazing.
It is the best start in life your baby can have.

It contains the right amounts of everything your baby needs to grow and develop. Medela has been working with researchers in breast milk for over 50 years.
We are here to support every breast milk feeding mother with our knowledge, our expertise and our unique range of products, including our Swiss-made breast pumps, the trusted choice of healthcare professionals worldwide.
The new Medela Flex™ technology is a breast shield designed to fit a mum's shape for more efficient and comfortable expression. It is a whole new pumping experience, personalized to you.

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Medela Enteral Feeding Pump | Medela

Medela Enteral Feeding Pump

Tender Care Lanolin | Medela

Tender Care Lanolin

Washable Bra Pads | Medela

Washable Bra Pads

80 mL Breast Milk Container Ready-to-Use | Medela

80 mL Breast Milk Container Ready-to-Use

Pump & Save Bags | Medela

Pump & Save Bags

PersonalFit™ Breastshields | Medela

PersonalFit™ Breastshields

Quick Clean™ Breast Milk Removal Soap | Medela

Quick Clean™ Breast Milk Removal Soap

Harmony™ Breastpump | Medela

Harmony™ Breastpump

Swing™ Breast Pump | Medela

Swing™ Breast Pump

Pump In Style® Advanced Breastpump | Medela

Pump In Style® Advanced Breastpump



Swing maxi

Swing maxi