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mcePharma s.r.o.

Budovatelska 1178/35,
743 01 Bilovec
Czech Republic
+420 556 778 500

mcePharma researches, develops, and manufactures range of scientifically proven, patented, science-based advanced food supplements in ODT – orally soluble tablets.

We offer our food supplements, in the form of tablets and powders, under the mcePharma brand or as a private label, an integral part of our services is contract development and manufacturing.
We are looking for distributors.

We place great emphasis on innovation and continually invests in development related to user-friendly dosage forms like ODT and powders. Our growing, science-based product line, rigorous manufacturing processes, and certifications are all designed to help to improve our clients’ health today and for years to come.

Our line of ODT food supplements release active ingredient immediately in​ mouth, so it is absorbed directly in mouth​ or in pregastric area (esophagus). That ensures​ rapid absorption and high efficacy of active​ ingredient by removing the unwanted first pass​ effect, process typical for classic tablets​ (degradation of active ingredients in the digestive tract and liver).​

We manufacture and globally sell the only patented food supplement Neo curcumin supplement with highly bioavailable curcumin in the form of orally soluble tablets for maximum absorption and easy use. Patented in USA (US 11331281B2), Czech Republic (CZ 307916), pending applications in EU (18170818.1), and Canada (016599-0003). 

The effectiveness of our products is supported by our scientific studies.

Exhibited At: 

Ultimate Q10 Ubiquinol (orally soluble powder)

No stress ODT (orally soluble tablets)

4quick sleep mceODT (orally soluble tablets)

Migraine Stop ODT (orally soluble tablets)


Lactoferrin (novel ingredient)

Colostrum (raw material)

Colostrum (raw material)

Neo curcumin supplement ODT (Patented formula)

Neo curcumin supplement ODT (orally soluble tablets, Patented formula)

Strong men

Strong Men (orally soluble powder in stick/ sachet)

Colostrum (orally dispersible sachets)

Colostrum stick (orally soluble powder in stick/ sachet)

No stress sachet

No stress (orally soluble powder in stick/ sachet)

URO help forte (powder, soluble in water)


Trans-Resveratrol antioxidant (orally soluble powder in stick/ sachet)

Curcumin powder

Neo curcumin complex (orally soluble powder in stick/ sachet)

URO complex ODT (orally soluble tablets)


Collagen Repair Matrix (powder, soluble in water)

Immuno colostrum Aronia kids (powder to smoothie, yoghurt or other cold milk drink)


Immuno Colostrum (powder to smoothie, yoghurt or other cold milk drink)