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34, Saket Industrial Estate,Village-Moraiya
Changodar, Sanand
Ahmedabad Gujarat 382213

We are an ISO13485: 2016 certified organization established in 2004 in India at Ahmedabad. We are into manufacturing of CE certified orthopedic implants and instruments. 

Matrix Meditec (P) Ltd. comprises following products in its product basket at this moment:


-Special Anatomical Locking plates & Locking screws

-Bone plates & screws, Intramedullary Nails       


-PEEK cages (TLIF, PLIF, Cervical Disk cages)

-Anterior cervical plates & self- drilling screws

-Pedicle screws (Poly /Mono/Reduction)

-Occipital T plate & screw            


-THR & Modular Hip Joints

-AMP/Bi-polar/Thompson prosthesis

-Radial Head      


-Universal plate

-MTP fusion plate & calcaneal plates      


-Plates & Screws



-Rail Fixation System & External Rail System

-Dynamic External Fixator & Distal Radius External Fixator

-Pediatric External Fixator           


-ACL Screws & Ligament Staple

-Endo Button  & Adjustable Loop             

We source our medical grade Stainless steel and Titanium bio compatible raw material from the metal industry's reputed national & international players including companies from Europe and USA. All the incoming raw material passes through stringent lab analysis as per International standards of medical implants. We follow raw material standards ISO 5832-1 for Stain less steel implants and ISO 5832-3 for Titanium implants. Our manufacturing facility has been granted Indian FDA and all our products are approved by European Council (CE regulatory body) for sternly following Class II B medical device quality standards.

The R&D team of Matrix which works under the guidance of leading surgeons ensures development of new products and modifications, which further strengthen its engineering capabilities.

Much demanded Matrix Implants are marketed and distributed in India through more than 140 distributors who are scattered all across the nation. We directly engage in exporting our products to more than 35 countries including European, Asian, Middle East & African, Latin and Central America regions and our portfolio has multiplied greatly in very short span of time.

Through consistent quality and delivery schedules, we are able to retain a satisfied customer base representing Matrix's products in their countries.

Exhibited At: 

MTP Locking Plate

Midfoot C Plate

Calcaneal Plate

Orbita Plate

Nose H - Plate

Mini Screw

Mini Plate with Continuous Hole

Cervical Self Drilling Bone Screw 4.0mm

Titanium Elastic Nail

Universal Femoral Nail

Proximal Femoral Nail

Kidney cage

Expandable Eco Cage

Occipital T Plate

Plate with Cage

Anterior Cervical Fusion Cage PEEK

Midfoot TMT Plate

Distal Radius Fixator

Cervical Plate

Proximal Femoral Nail AR