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Shandong Lianfa Medical Plastic Products Co., Ltd

No.1, Sanjian Avenue, Shuangshan
Shandong Sheng 250200
+86 531 61328777

Shandong Lianfa Medical Plastic Products Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful east city industrial zone, Zhangqiu in Jinan, Shandong province. The company operates on a 5-acre land including an 8,000 square-meter Class 100,000 cleanroom and 2,000 square-meter Class-10,000 cleanroom. The R&D department consists of biological, chemical, and physical laboratories equipped with state-of-the-art measuring and inspection tools. The main medical products are Comfort Lancet, Lancing Device, Safety Lancet, and Heel Blade Safety Lancet which have been exported to the United States, Brazil, Canada, Europe, India, and many other countries. Many of the products are developed in collaboration with well-known international glucose meter manufacturers.

The company is certified with ISO9001 quality control system and has ISO13485, CE, FDA registration, American UL audit certification, and Korean audit certification.
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Alcohol Pad

Lancing Device

Pressure Activated Safety Lancet

Pressure Activated Safety Lancet(TPA)

Adjustable Safety Lancets(APA)

Pressure Activated Safety Lancet(PAⅡ)

Pressure Activated Safety Lancet(PAⅡ)

Pressure Activated Safety Lancet(PA)

Pressure Activated Safety Lancet(PA)

Twist Lancet-Flat

Twist Lancet-Flat

Twist Lancet