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Želevčice 5,
274 01 Slaný
Czech Republic
+420 312 576 111

LINET spol. s r.o. is a major European manufacturer of hospital and nursing beds. The company’s portfolio includes solutions designed for intensive care, products for regular in-bed treatment and also special beds for old people’s homes and long-term care facilities. The LINET range also includes a wide range of accessories such as anti-pressure ulcer mattresses, mobile equipment, healthcare furniture, etc.

LINET is maintaining its position out in front of its competitors in hospital bed manufacture. The firm regularly introduces products and services with innovative features and functions that reduce physical demands on staff, enhance the efficacy of care provided and increase patient comfort. LINET works intensively on developing such products in collaboration with healthcare professionals and respected experts in various scientific fields, enabling the firm to keep abreast of new trends in the area of medical care.

LINET headquarters, as well as its production plant, continue to be based in Želevčice u Slaného, where it has been located since its establishment in 1990. The plant manufactures around 40,000 hospital beds per year, the vast majority of which are intended for export to more than one hundred countries worldwide. LINET employs around 900 staff. Since 2011, LINET s.r.o. has been a division of the multinational holding organisation LINET Group SE, with registered offices in the Netherlands.

Exhibited At: 

Eleganza 5

Linet Academy

Homecare beds


Sentida 5

Sentida 7i

LINET AVE 2 birthing bed in the cosy delivery room


Eleganza 5 intensive care bed

Eleganza 5

TOM 2, paedictric bed, nurse