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LGC Maine Standards & SeraCare Life Sciences

221 US Route 1
Cumberland Foreside, ME 04110
United States
+1 (207) 892-1300

LGC is a leading in vitro diagnostic (IVD) manufacturer of clinical diagnostic quality solutions to the extended life science industry. We are committed to improving patient healthcare by offering products and services that support accurate and reliable diagnostic results.

These include:

·         Quality Controls (IQC), Calibrators, Reference Materials, Linearity & Calibration Verification Kits

·         Proficiency Testing (EQA) Schemes

·         Biological Materials, Reagents

·         IVD Assay Development

·         Quality Assurance Programs

Our 200+ employees operate FDA-registered and ISO 13485-accredited facilities in Maine, Massachusetts and Maryland and support diagnostic professionals in laboratories across the globe. We partner with IVD developers, pharmaceutical, CRO and academic institutions to share our expertise and resources in clinical chemistry, immunochemistry, serology, molecular diagnostics and clinical genomics.

Our brands include:

  • MSDRx®
  • AccuSpan™
  • AccuSet™
  • AccuTrak™
  • AccuVert™
  • KPL
  • Seraseq®
  • iQ™ NGS
  • iQ Peer Review

    We are passionately committed to go beyond. In collaboration with our customers, our people and with absolute quality, we make the exploration of science our mission to create a safer world.

    To learn more, visit our company webpages or e-mail us at [email protected]

    LGC Maine Standards

    SeraCare Life Sciences

    Exhibited At: 
    VALIDATE® General Chemistry for Easy, Fast, Efficient linearity and calibration verification

    VALIDATE® Human Diagnostic Linearity and Calibration Verification Kits

    Linearity and Calibration Verification Education

    Free Education on Linearity and Calibration Verification