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Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology Co Ltd

1F, No. 8, Ln 8, Sec 3, Bade Rd, Songshan Dist
Taipei City TPE 10558
Taiwan, China

About Us

The Law of Nature states that everything is vibrating with its frequency form and the principle of harmony is to balance the universe.  " Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology Co., Ltd." was founded in 1984 by professor Hsieh. For more than 30 years. Our company has been committed to the promotion and education of " natural harmony of the universe ~ Micromusic Therapy."

Since 2011, our company has introduced the high-tech " Lambdoma harmony keyboard " and devoted ourselves to product development, technology creation and business development in the fields of "frequency medicine, precision medicine, and core medicine." We have built a very professional authority in Taiwan's music therapy.

Our primary business includes Lambdoma spectrum resonance apparatus series, synchronous quantum oil series, aura and light synchronous quantum chip and radiation protection stickers series. In order to concretely practice the concept of "natural harmony of the universe and enhance the quality of human living environment", Professor Hsieh plans not only to combine with Lambdoma Intelligent Medical Technology " system, but also actively participate in innovative research and development opportunities in the fields of medical clinical, agriculture, animal husbandry and aquaculture.

Looking at the vigorous development of AI wisdom science today, it has brought the function of transmitting information quickly and highly, but it also affects the harmonious balance of the big universe, such as greenhouse effect, environmental pollution, electromagnetic wave, and radiation wave. Our mission is to use the “Lambdoma core technology” to prevent the deterioration of the global environment and affect the survival and health of human beings. We believe that through our continuous research and innovation spirit, we will become the pioneer of the world's high-tech frequency medical technology.