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LabGenomics Co. Ltd

700 Daewangpangyo-ro, Korea Bio Park Bldg. 6F-B, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,
Gyeonggi Do
South Korea

LabGenomics is a healthcare clinical laboratory center specializing in molecular diagnostics that has lead the diagnostic service field for the last 15 years.

Starting with diagnostic services, we are expanding our field of business to diagnostic products and NGS diagnostics. Facing the preventive medicine and personalized medicine era of the 21st Century, we LabGenomics will make every effort to achieve customer satisfaction by introducing a variety of genetic tests based on developing medical science and biotechnology and through specialized tests. In particular, we will not spare to invest in research & development activities and medical diagnostic tests for the health of women.

LabGenomics has launched molecular diagnostic products based on the latest technology such as, POCT, NGS NIPT and Cancer panel service products to the world market. It is our mission and vision to help and bring joy to the effort and commitment of doctors who are dreaming of a disease-free life with greater longevity through the healing of disease and health promotion programs.

We will work harder today to become a high quality and professional clinical center that is trusted and encouraged by medical institutions

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IVD Products - PCR Kits for Infectious Diseases

IVD Products - DNA chip [STDetectⓇ chip]

NGS Analysis Service - RNA Sequencing

NGS Analysis Service - Whole Genome Sequencing

NGS Analysis Service - Microarray Service

NGS Analysis - Service NGS Sequencing Workflow

GenoPAC™ Diet - [Gene analysis for your health and wellbeing]

CancerSCAN ™ - [Next Generation Cancer Gene Panel]

NobelGuard™ - [Screening test for genetic disorder related with development disabilities]

EnfantGuard™ - [Chromosome abnormality screening for infant developmental disorders]

NGS based Diagnostic Service - MomGuard

Molecular Diagnostic Service

In Vitro Diagnostics Service