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IPRD Solutions

Suite G-SW, 96 on Fourth, 96 4th Street
Parkmore, Sandton
South Africa
+27 793 793 214

IPRD Solutions has extensive history, experience and expertise in Biometrics, Identity, and Public Health with a focus on making these technologies accessible and functional in regions where cost and access to infrastructure must be carefully addressed. IPRD’s local office in Johannesburg is equipped to develop and deploy cost efficient and fully customized systems based on our customers needs.

Recent projects include the development of a patient matching solution in South Africa. IPRD built a system from the ground up with no existing government programs or HIT systems. The outcome of the program in South Africa is a system capable of allowing patients to be matched across clinics, and within a clinic, without dependence on ID or demographics, even if a patient had traveled to a clinic they had never visited in the past. The added value of this system, particularly for the healthcare field, is the ability to function in remote areas with no internet, using low-cost cell phones making our products available for all. IPRD’s ongoing work incorporates these crucial and fundamental elements while delivering overall low-cost solutions in South Africa.

IPRD’s team has experience developing and deploying biometric systems, implementing large-scale identity services as well as patient and provider facing systems across Africa. 

The Lynx-ID, a patient identity solution for Africa can incorporate any number of hardware configurations allowing for patient tracking using biometrics. The system uses a novel approach such that an individual’s biometric only exists at a clinic that they attend, even if they attend multiple clinics. In addition, individual clinics can operate using biometrics independently but can also join or leave the biometric network at will depending on their local policies and comfort level. 

The architecture allows Lynx-ID to work with existing systems, mobile devices and commercially available hardware, making it cost effective to deploy with no additional infrastructure. 

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LYNX-ID Scaleable ID Solution with Biometrics