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Herbert Waldmann GmbH & Co. KG

Peter-Henlein-Str 5
78056 Schwenningen
Exhibited At: 

Examination Luminaire HALUX N50

Examination Luminaire HALUX N30

TENO  30 C

Support Arm System TENO

LUMATRIS - Evolution in machine lighting

FLAT LED - Stroke of genius in a flat design

MACH LED PRO - Surprisingly strong, surprisingly flat

MACH LED PLUS.seventy - Ultra-powerful light for high lighting needs

MACH LED PLUS.forty - Master class in slim design

MKEL - LED cleverly packaged

SPOT LED - Highily concentrated in a minimum of space

FLAT TEC - Integrated maximum performance

FLAT LED - LED technology ingeniously integrated

MACH LED PRO - Incredibly variable, can be unobtrusively integrated

Examination Luminaire VISIANO 10-1