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Hemant Surgical Industries Limited

502 Escasty Building 6th Floor Mulund City of Joy Cmmercial
West Mumbai Maharashtra 400080

The company has a track record of importing and introducing quality products in India at a competitive price. Recently we are now specializing in product designing, developing from concept to complete product by developing inhouse moulds to commercial production. The AERO nebulizer is one of the product recently developed by us in respiratory care.

The Company has been promoted by Shri. Hanskumar Shah, the Managing Director of the Company with a vision to serve medical community with a quality product of international standard by importing them or developing them. The Director has an aspiration to look out for new opportunities by associating with several leading multinational companies like JMS CO. Ltd., Japan, JMS Singapore Pte. Ltd., Vega Technologies, Toray Medical Company, Gambro etc.

The company has an exclusive agency tieup with JMS CO. Ltd., Japan for marketing JMS Meditape (Medical Paper Tapes) and have a sizeable market share in Indian market.,Besides company also markets intravenous and dialysis products from JMS Singapore Pte. Ltd.

The company has now ventured into manufacturing and marketing of respiratory products and have pioneered in deigning developing Piston Compressor Nebulizer under AERO brand. Now several other respiratory products are in a development stage and would soon launch entire range of respiratory product.

The company also manufacturers Haemodialysis solution & market it with Haemodialysis products importing from JMS Singapore Pte Ltd., Gambro & Toray.

In order to keep hospital clean the company provides Disinfectants like Hand Sanitizer, Floor Cleaner etc.