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hawo GmbH

Obere Au 2-4
74847 Obrigheim
+49 (0)6261 97700

Since its foundation in 1975, hawo supplies sealing devices for the instrumental packaging in medical institutions and the medical industry. We dedicate ourselves to the improvement of hygiene standards through our products and place particular emphasis on supplying high-quality products and covering every stage of the packaging process with a variety of accessories and services.

We are synonymous with safety, sustainability and responsibility and through constant dialogue with our partners, we have succeeded in bringing the very highest-quality products onto the market - while at the same time complying with the very strictest hygiene standards.

Exhibited At: 

hm RS

hm 780 DC

hm 880 DC-V

hm 3010 DC-V / hm 3020 DC-V / hm 3010 DC-VI

hm 8000 AS / AS-V SealCut

VeriDoc 2C


ValiDoc PRO

hv 300 K-V MediVac

hm 950 DC-V/VI NanoPak