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Harmony Medical Solutions

408 Oak Bluff Lane
Goodlettsville, Tennessee 37072
United States

Our combined 40 years of High-Tech experience coupled with our qualified business partners enables us to provide our customers the highest level of quality products and services. We are a global provider of pre-owned diagnostic imaging systems, and parts, including IAE replacement tubes. Ask us about our self-contained imaging suites.

Exhibited At: 
Straton Z P/N 7737807 – Harmony

Straton Z P/N 7737807

GE MX240 VCT – Harmony


GE 1.5 Torso Array – Harmony

GE 1.5 Torso Array

Fuse and Relay Control (FRC) 453567057165 – Harmony

Fuse and Relay Control (FRC)

CBL, DPU 1 To RCOM 453567047641 – Harmony

CBL, DPU 1 To RCOM 453567047641

Brilliance GHOST Assembly 453567110321 – Harmony

Brilliance GHOST Assembly 453567110321

Assembly I-Box PCB 455014001011 – Harmony

Assembly I-Box PCB 455014001011

Axial Fan, Gantry Exhaust 453566492511 – Harmony

Axial Fan, Gantry Exhaust

AC Control Unit PCB 453567069982 – Harmony

AC Control Unit PCB 453567069982

Power supply, Low Profile 453567374152 – Harmony

Philips Brilliance TDMS 64