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Gulf Scientific Corporation

Jafza Gate 4
Street N500-Jebelali
United Arab Emirates

Since 1990, Gulf Scientific Corporation (GSC) has been a leader in providing complete solutions to life, analytical and material science laboratories across the Middle East. GSC boasts an unrivaled support structure that includes manufacturer-certified service and training, making it the preferred choice for companies across a wide range of industries. With its headquarters based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, GSC has established strategic partnerships with market leaders that include Applied Biosystems (Thermo Fisher Scientific), Chromsystems, Merck, PerkinElmer, and Waters Corporation, among others to ensure that clients have the best available resources to meet all their laboratory needs.

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Integrated Software Solutions – OMNI-Lab NBS

ASI PathFusion™: Full Pathology Imaging Suite

ASI HiPath Pro™: Advanced Digital Pathology

Merck Luminex 200™

Merck Amicon® Ultra Centrifugal Filters

PerkinElmer Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT-A)

GenapSys Sequencer

Asuragen AmplideX® FMR1 Controls

Asuragen AmplideX® mPCR FMR1

Asuragen AmplideX® PCR/CE FMR1

Waters Kairos Amino Acid Kit

Waters Xevo TQ-S Micro Mass Spectrometer

PerkinElmer Operetta CLS™ High-Content Analysis System

PerkinElmer Opera Phenix™ High-Content Screening System

PerkinElmer LabChip GX Touch Nucleic Acid Analyzer

Chromsystems Drugs of Abuse

Chromsystems Therapeutic Drug Monitoring

Merck Milli-Q® CLX 7000

Chromsystems Newborn Screening

ADS Biotec HANABI Chromosome Harvesting