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GloryBioTechnologies Corp.

#1304, 220, Yeongsin-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu
South Korea

Glory Bio Technologies Corp. was established in 2014 based on expertise and services in order to contribute to the enhancement of national health and quality of life through development and sales in bioscience research, bioproduction process, and medical diagnostic examination fields. By quantitatively analyzing the CD (cluster of differentiation) protein marker expressed on the surface of white blood cells, the immunocyte related to a certain disease, we have developed an immunocyte analysis system that can be utilized for observing the infection of the disease, pregress of the disease, and prognosis over treatment.

Though years of research and development, we made a product that can conduct a quantitaive analysis  on the CD4 and CD8 markers, which are necessary for HIV/AIDS infection. Currently, we are developing the analysis system for the diagnosis of latent tuberculosis and malaria, and the CD marker and system for the diagnosis of sepsis.

High-priced equipment, high cost of testing, complex testing methods and inaccurate test results lead to a risein the incidence rate of patients and the death rate of infectious diseases, even though the whole world uses a huge amount of money to address the problem. For an early diagnosis for those diseases, the immunocyte analysis system and CD markers of the company will play an important role.

Also, it can be applied to the development of cures for diseases, and the company will carve a place for itself by expanding a market in the field of disease diagnostic  equipment.

We promise to do our best to become the company that puts the dignity of humanity and life first and protects precious lives, walking only the path deemed to be good and right.

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