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Geratherm Medical AG

Fahrenheit Str 1
98716 Geschwenda

Geratherm Medical is an internationally aligned medical technology company with the business divisions of Health Care Diagnostics, Medical Warming Systems, Cardio/Stroke and Respiratory.

Our roots are in medical temperature measurement. In this area, we offer a broad range of products, most of which have unique features.
We provide our customers/patients with high-quality products ranging from thermometers to complex warming systems for operations and emergency use. In the area of Cardio, we concentrate on developing products for detecting atrial fibrillation in order to prevent strokes. The Respiratory division develops, produces and distributes products for measuring lung function.

Geratherm Medical AG has been quoted on the stock exchange since 2000 and approved for official trading on the Frankfurt Securities Exchange, in the Prime Standards category. In addition, Geratherm Medical AG is listed in the German Entrepreneurial Index and the German Health-Care Index.

Exhibited At: 
DataTherm ® II

DataTherm ® II

digital thermometer


analogue thermometer without mercury


wrist blood pressure monitor


upper arm blood pressure monitor

easy med

Blood pressure monitor

active control +

wrist blood pressure monitor

tensio control

wrist blood pressure monitor

active control

Blood pressure monitor