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EKF Diagnostics

19 Stanwell Road Penarth
CF64 2EZ
United Kingdom

EKF Diagnostics is a global medical manufacturer of point-of-care (POCT) devices and tests including hemoglobin tests, HbA1c tests, glucose and lactate tests.

EKF specialises in developing tests for use in diabetes and anemia diagnosis and management, as well as providing a portfolio of reagents for use in clinical chemistry analyzers.

Diabetes and HbA1c Analyzers

The EKF range of HbA1c analyzers and glucose analyzers deliver fast and reliable results that provide both diabetes practitioners and patients with the information they need to make clinical or lifestyle decisions in minutes.

Hemoglobin Analyzers

EKF offers an extensive range of hemoglobin and hematocrit analyzers that provide physicians, blood bank professionals, and nutritional and paediatric nurses with fast and accurate results they can rely on. Choose between analyzers with different measuring methodology, features and connectivity options to suit your budget and requirements.

Maternal and Women’s Health

The EKF maternal & women’s health range aims to improve healthcare outcomes for women and children by providing physicians with a suite of products including pregnancy testing, anemia screening, fetal scalp lactate testing and post birth Creamatocrit measurement.

Sports Performance

Train like the best. Track athlete performance over time with regular lactate testing using Lactate Scout+ and Biosen C-Line and Biosen S-Line. As used by leading athletic institutes and world famous soccer clubs throughout Europe.

Clinical Chemistry and Chemistry Reagents

EKF Diagnostics is also a global manufacturer of central laboratory products including Stanbio Chemistry reagents, benchtop laboratory analyzers, rapid tests and centrifuges. Stanbio chemistry reagents can be used on the majority of analyzers found in hospital laboratories around the world.

Contract Fermentation and Life Sciences

EKF Life Sciences' has been offering high quality contract fermentation and contract manufacturing services for over 20 years. Our facility in Elkhart, IN is designed to produce a wide range of clinically important enzymes used in many diagnostic applications. EKF life sciences contract fermentation enzymes can either be sold in bulk or supplied in final customer branded packaging.

Exhibited At: 
Biosen C-Line & Biosen S-Line - Glucose & Lactate analyzer

Biosen - Glucose & Lactate analyzer

DiaSpect Tm - Hemoglobin Analyzer