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Rontgenstrasse 24
22335 Hamburg
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About Dunlee

Dunlee has over 100 years’ experience in developing, producing and integrating innovative components for imaging systems. Serving both the OEM and replacement markets, Dunlee offers a comprehensive portfolio of reliable X-ray tubes, high voltage generators, detectors and product packages for CT, as well as solutions for interventional radiology, MRI and nuclear medicine. It offers support during development and throughout the product lifecycle, contributing to its customers’ efficient production and go-to-market strategies. Visit to learn more.

Dunlee CT Replacement tubes for Third Party business

For independent service organizations (ISOs) and in-house teams replacing CT tubes at hospitals and imaging centers, Dunlee‘s replacement tubes and support services help to reduce replacement costs and scanner downtime. Dunlee replacement CT tubes offer excellent quality and are meticulously engineered to be OEM-equivalent.
To help you maintain your CT’s performance, we offer fast delivery of quality CT tubes. We provide the 24/7/365 technical support you need to replace, install and calibrate your replacement CT tube.

Dunlee OEM business

Today we not only supply single X-ray tubes, but also complete component groups for CT scanners, interventional radiography, Diagnostic Imaging and nuclear medical imaging systems. This highly integrated technology allows our OEM customers to perform their business efficiently.

As of today, we want to further expand the business area of OEM solutions. This will require a new form of cooperation with our customers, as such solutions must be developed cooperatively.

We want to live a committed partnership together with our customers to which we bring our extensive technical knowledge of integrated systems. We will provide solutions that not only reflect the latest technology, but also meet ambitious needs for our customers success. With our extensive knowledge about integrated imaging solutions we are able to understand our OEM customer’s requirements quickly and our highly skilled and experienced team will execute projects in a reliable manner with highest quality.

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CT Replacement Tubes Brochures


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DA135 CT/e


DUNLEE | General X-Ray tubes

General X-Ray tubes

DUNLEE | Solutions for cardio/vascular imaging

Solutions for cardio/vascular imaging

DUNLEE | CT X-ray high-voltage generators

CT X-ray high-voltage generators

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