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DRG Instruments GmbH

Frauenbergstr. 18
35039 Marburg

DRG - Diagnostics that perform!

DRG, founded in 1970, is a multinational specialty medical equipment and diagnostics manufacturer and distributor, with successful representation in over 110 countries worldwide through a network of DRG Subsidiaries and local distributors.
DRG is specialized in the development and production of innovative ELISAs and CLIAs, both for routine and research applications.

DRG:HYBRiD-XL® - Fully Automated Combi Analyzer for Immunoassays and Clinical Chemistry!
This innovative and unique technology allows, for the first time, the simultaneous measurement of immunoassays and clinical chemistry parameters including turbidimetric tests in one sample.

Up to 40 different tests / samples can be run. The integrated touchscreen monitor and a well-defined software with simple user navigation guarantees easy system operation. Ready-to-use reagents are provided in special reagent cartridges.

The comprehensive assay menu includes routine and niche parameters: 25-OH Vitamin D, AMH, Free Testosterone, 17-OH Prog., Calprotectin, Anti-DGP (Gliadin), Anti- tTG, pancreatic Elastase.

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DRG:HYBRiD-XL: Celiac Diseases

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Salivary Hepcidin ELISA


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Salivary ELISA Kits & Saliva ELISA Assays

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