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Dinies Technologies GmbH

Gewerbestr. 5
78667 Villingendorf
49 741 3485410

Dinies Technologies is one of the leading companies for UV disinfection solutions. Based on southern Germany Dinies has an history of over 40 years. Besides the food industry the healt care sector is one of the major application fields for automatic disinfection solutions with UV Technology.

In the last years healt care professionals are fighting very hard against new epedemics like MERS, SARS, EBOLA, etc. However also in daily hospital life MRSA and other super bugs are bringing a big challange for the hygienic specialists.

Dinies Technologies offers solutions to support current hygienic methods and brings certain process safety into the procedures.

Exhibited At: 

CleanO3mat - Automatic disinfection of sanitary rooms

UV-Mobil in patient room against super bugs

UV disinfection unit UV-Mobil 240combi