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Marcelo Torcuato de Alvear 46
B1878DHB, Quilmes, Buenos Aires
54 11 4252-2626

Diconex is an ISO 13485 certified company which develops, produces and markets clinical chemistry autoanalyzers, used mainly by hospitals, clinics, and veterinary laboratories, scientific research center, wine and food laboratories.

Clinical Chemistry Analyzers models:

InCCA - Intelligent Clinical Chemistry Analyzer 300 test/h – 500 test/h w/ISE

InCCA Bit - Intelligent Clinical Chemistry Analyzer 150 test/h – 300 test/h w/ISE


We are also focused to provide the best after-sales service through our goblal distributors. Since 2004 we operate under a Quality Management System certified according to the requirements of ISO 13485 standards as well as complying with good manufacturing practice (GMP) in addition to CE.

We can also offer you OEM products, adding extra advantages; we provide excellent and full support where you will be able to promote your own branded products.

Diconex offers a wide range of business worldwide, our automated laboratory instrumentation are sold in different countries through our distributors network to supply the global In-Vitro Diagnostics (IVD) market, so we are actively looking for new distributors.

Exhibited At:

InCCA Bit - Clinical Chemistry Autoanalyzer InCCA Bit model 150 test/h – 300 test/h with ISE

InCCA - Intelligent Clinical Chemistry Analyzer 300 test/h – 500 test/h w/ISE