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Derungs Licht Ag

Hofmattstrasse 12
9200 Gossau Sg

We are one of the world leaders for lighting systems and accessories intended for the healthcare technology. Since 1999, the company has been part of the Waldmann Group.

We combine innovative lighting techniques and a functional design to create state-of-the-art products, such as:

• Examination and minor surgery luminaires

• Task and magnifier luminaires

• General room and reading luminaires

Our lighting solutions are aiming at clinics & medical practices, equipment, facility management and medical diagnostics.

Exhibited At: 

Examination Luminaire HALUX N50

Examination Luminaire HALUX N30

TENO  30 C

Support Arm System TENO

opticlux r

Magnifier Luminaire OPTICLUX

triango 100 c

Treatment Luminaire TRIANGO 100

Treatment Luminaire IRIS LED

triango 30 r

Treatment Luminaire TRIANGO 30

Examination Luminaire HX LED

Examination Luminaire VISIANO 10-1

Examination Luminaire VISIANO 20-2