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Viale Tivoli 102
00018 Palombara Sabina RM

DAS designs and produces within its premises, following the continuous evolution and technological transformation, automated systems more sophisticated and complex than ever, with the aim of constrantly enhancing the performances and the quality of product, but also to facilitate the use and maintenance of its instruments, guaranteeing better analytical results and higher reliability. The most recent product line "ELITE", due to its outstanding flexibility and originality, stands out to the attention of IVD market that relates to the analytical full automated process of  ELISA - IFA - BLOT.

Every activity within the company, from management to design and production is carried out according to the quality standard regulations: UNI EN ISO 9001 & UNI EN ISO 13485

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Plate Reader & Plate Washer

Automatic Processor - AP BLOT ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP22 ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP22 IF BLOT ELITE

Automatic Processor - APE ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP16 IF BLOT ELITE

Readers and Washers - PLATE WASHER

Readers and Washers - STRIP READER

Readers and Washers - PLATE READER

Photometer - ANALYZER 90

Photometer - HB Analyzer Plus

Bilirubinometers - NEO-BIL Plus

Automatic Processor - APE IF ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP22 IF ELITE

Automatic Processor - AP32 IF ELITE