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danumed Medizintechnik GmbH, enteral feeding

Stadtamhof 18
93059 Regensburg
+49 941 890588 - 80

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH

Premium enteral feeding products from an innovative German manufacturer

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH is an innovative German medical technology company with the highest quality standards, many years of experience in enteral nutrition and a clear customer focus. danumed offers a full range of premium enteral feeding devices and accessories, which are all compliant with DIN EN ISO 80369 and equipped with ENFit® connectors to avoid tubing misconnections and to enhance patient safety significantly.

All danumed products are subject to the highest quality requirements and many of the products are manufactured in Germany.

danumed Medizintechnik permanently develops innovative product features in enteral application technology to improve safety and comfort for patients and users.

The ENSwivel stands for the innovative rotating ring from danumed Medizintechnik, which allows for easy connection and disconnection, of ENFit® devices. Since only the rotating ENSwivel is turned and not the entire connector, the twisting of the enteral tube, which is painful for the patient and inconvenient for the user, is completely avoided. All danumed Extension Sets with ENFit®, Y-ENFit® and Bolus-ENFit® connection offer the advantage of the ENSwivel. 

Another premium innovative feature of danumed enteral products is the danumed Stopcock that replaces the usual Y-port. Additionally, all danumed ENFit® connectors are made of Tritan, a premium plastic material which is highly resistant to aggressive solutions and medicines.

danumed Medizintechnik GmbH – Individual solutions are our standard. Personal, competent, innovative.

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danumed StomaStop

danumed Gravity Feeding Set

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danumed StomaMeter

danumed GastroTubes / G-Tubes, ENFit, for enteral feeding

danumed GastroTube

danumed ENSwivel ENFit® rotating connection ring

danumed ENSwivel

danumed Enteral Syringes, Single-Use, ENFit®

danumed Enteral Single-Use Syringes and Accessories

danumed Extension Set for Gastrostomy Button, ENFit®

danumed Extension Set for Gastrostomy Button

danumed Gastrostomy Button Enteral Feeding

danuButton Gastrostomy Button