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Dana Medical Co. Ltd

60-20, Nanosandan 5-ro, Nam-myeon
South Korea

Dana Medical Co., Ltd. was founded in 2001 as Laba Machine, and has grown into a specialized mold company. Since the transition to the company in 2007, we have continued to grow steadily by acquring 8 patents related to Oriental medicine manufacturing facilities with steady technoloical development.


Based on the accumulated technology, Dana Medical Co., Ltd., established a medical device business unit in 2016 and newly built a factory in Nano General Industrial Complex in Jangseong-gun, South Jeollanam-do province and started to manufacture Oriental medicine devices through KGMP certification and Medical device manufacturing licens.


Dana Medical Co., Ltd. is certified under KGMP, ISO 13485 nad registered in US FDA. We are especially careful with quality control. All of our products have acquired other internationial quality certifications, as well as CE. 


Dana Acupuncture needles are designed to minimized the patients' pain, this achieved through the polishing technique in development. Our production system is capable of achieving mass production while maintaining high quality. We also developed an easy opening package applying our Easy-Cut patent.


Dana Medical Co., Ltd. aims to become the World Best in Oriental medicine medical device field, and will steadily develope technoloy to help patients' life and health, and to be the company that gives maximum satisfaction to customers!

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Dana Disposable Cupping cups

Dana Disposable Cupping cups

Dana Acupuncture needle

Dana Acupuncture needle

Dana Acupuncture needle

Dana Acupuncture needle