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Clinical Science Systems

Rijnsburgerweg 10
2333 AA Leiden
+31 (0) 71 341 10 38

Clinical Science Systems (CSS) of the Netherlands is a healthcare company, focusing on improving daily clinical practice for doctors and researchers. We aim to simplify the representation of complex medical data in many different ways. We do so because we believe that only by a clear representation of patient data, our customers get the best results in terms of diagnosis and treatment, resulting in the best patients' care possible.



Prof. M.J.A.M. Van Putten, MD MSc PhD (Michel)


I am a neurologist/clinical neurophysiologist, working at the Medisch Spectrum Twente, Enschede, a large teaching hospital in the Netherlands. In addition, I was trained in applied physics (Delft University of Technology). Besides my clinical work, I am a professor of Clinical Neurophysiology at the University of Twente, where I head my own research group. I teach various courses, including Neurophysiology, Advanced Techniques for Biomedical Signal Analysis and Dynamics of Neural Systems, both for undergraduate and graduate students.


The clinical problems I daily face, are one of my sources for inspiration for the research I do and for co-founding Clinical Science Systems. I work with great pleasure as a medical advisor at (for?) CSS.



P.C. Koster, B Eng (Paul)


My main function at CSS is lead software development and I work with great enthusiasm at the numerous challenges doctors are faced with. I try to translate these problems into user-friendly applications, which will eventually find their way in the clinical routine and research community.


I have a bachelor degree in Electronic Engineering and am currently obtaining a master's degree in Computer Science. I am co-founder of CSS and my focus is to make medical data available and easy to understand for anybody using it. Medical data is becoming more significant, both in quantity as well as importance. . Easy, fast and reliable access andrepresentation are key to improve patients' care.



CSS Core values: Personal, Innovative and Quality


We strive to be the best in terms of personal interaction. Our personal and customer-driven approach has resulted in many satisfied customers throughout the medical industry. Varying from product related inquiries to complex research projects, our customers can always rely on our personal approach and knowledge. Many of our products have been developed in close cooperation with our end-users and represent the latest customer insights.


CSS is always ahead of the latest technological research and developments in the field of medical data processing. To improve this effort, we are contributors to the scientific debate and implement the latest scientific insight in our product portfolio. You can expect innovative out-of-the-box approaches when it comes to medical data handling.


Our products have a strong foundation based on quality. CSS is an ISO 13485 and ISO 9001 certified company and our products have been certified and approved to meet the strict requirements defined by CE and the FDA. We are committed daily to this quality and are always researching and implementing possibilities to improve our quality and give our customers the best product experience.

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