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20F, BYC High City Bldg. A
Gasandigital, 1-Ro 131,
South Korea
82-2-6746 8067
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Celemics, Inc. | Whole Exome Sequencing

Whole Exome Sequencing

Celemics, Inc. | Next Generation Sequencing

NGS analysis services

Celemics, Inc. | Customized Target Enrichment Kit

Customized Target Enrichment Kit

Celemics, Inc. | NGS-Lab Building Consulting

NGS-Lab Building Consulting

Celemics, Inc. | TopQXSEP MagBead

TopQXSEP MagBead

Celemics, Inc. | All-in-one Library Preparation Kit

All-in-one Library Preparation Kit

Celemics, Inc. | Adaptors and Index Primers Set

Adaptors and Index Primers Set

Celemics, Inc. | Library Preparation Kit

Library Preparation Kit

Celemics, Inc. | Hereditary Cancer Kit

Hereditary Cancer Kit

Celemics, Inc. | Somatic Mutation Cancer Kit

Somatic Mutation Cancer Kit

Celemics, Inc. | BRCA 1, 2 Kit

Celemics, Inc.

Celemics, Inc. | Targeted Sequencing

Targeted Sequencing