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Cansin Healthcare

Sira Sogutler Mah No. 1685, SOK No. 17 Gebze
41410 Kocaelli
Exhibited At: 

Blue-Detectable First Aid Adhesive Dressing

First Aid Plaster in Special Pack

Acne Patch

Foot Protective Cushion

Blister Plaster

Corn Plaster

Nassal Strip

First Aid Plaster Stand

First Aid Plaster-Waterproof

First Aid Plaster-Transparent

First Aid Plaster-Mixed

First Aid Plaster-Design

First Aid Plaster-Colour

First Aid Plaster-Fabric (Plus)

First Aid Plaster-Fabric

Sport Plaster

Sport Plaster

Sport Plaster

Sport Plaster

Surgical Pu Film

Surgical Polturethane (Pu) Film

Surgical Transparent Plaster

First Aid Plaster – Blood Stop

First Aid Plaster – Blood Stop