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Bosk GmbH

Spitzkunnersdorfer Str. 8
02782 Seifhennersdorf
+49 3586 368616

BOSK was founded in August 2000 and has developed a cost-effective and ethical sustainable problem solution for the disposal of human faecal waste in clinics and nursing homes – the ECOPATENT® System, the safe alternative to bedpan washers:


  • Defibration and liquefaction of environmentally friendly containers made of pure cellulose and their disposal through the sewage system.

Pulp disposable containers

  • Bedpan, Urine Bottles for men and women, toilet seat bowls, vomit bowls, kidney bowls etc.
  • Made from 100 % biodegradable pure cellulose
  • Represent a fraction of the cleaning costs for plastic or stainless steel containers
  • Reduction of dangerous infections since used containers are completely disposed of
  • Unique selling point – the ECOPATENT® Sets – the best protection against multiresistant germs and bacteria


ECOPATENT® - the worldwide patented disposable containers and disposing system for feacal waste in clinics and nursing homes

  • - hygienic
  • - ecological
  • - sustainable
  • - economical
  • - time- and resource-saving
  • - efficient
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