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BioService Tunisie

Z.I Enfidha
4030 Sousse
+216 73 38 02 52

BIOSERVICE TUNISIE is the leader in manufacture and marketing of medical devices single use in different areas such as: urology, arthroscopy , dialysis, transfusion and surgical suction fields ..
Bioservice Tunisia offers the best quality services worldwide and above all the quality of its products.
The production is done in 2 clean rooms of 700 m² class ISO 8 for the activities below:
• Injection
• Assembly
• Extrusion
• Production drainage bags
• Production of cannulas
• Packaging

We are looking for distributors to promote our products range below in different countries all over the world..
1: Drainage bags (urine Urological washing, cerebrospinal fluid …)
2: Cannulas and sets for surgical aspiration
3:Infusion, transfusion, extension, 3-way valve
4:Kit for Thoracentesis and Paracentesis
5:System for mesuring hourly diuresis :MISURO
6:PVC tubes for surgical aspiration
7:COMBISET for vesical catheterisation
8:Wash sets for urology and arthroscopy

Exhibited At: 

Luer lock rotating

Urological and Arthroscopic washing sets

COMBISET for vesical catheterisation

Cannulas and tubes for surgical Aspiration

Thoracentesis & Paracentesis sets

Urine Measurement System

Drainage bags