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Best Theratronics

413 March Road
Ottawa, Ontario K2K 0E4
Exhibited At: 

irradiator accessories - Rad Disc Micro3 & Micro4

blood & research irradiators - Gammacell® 40 Exactor

blood & research irradiators - Raycell® Mk2

external beam teletherapy - GammaBeam™ 100-80

external beam teletherapy - Cobraleaf®

external beam teletherapy - Equinox™

external beam teletherapy - Avanza™


radiation therapy - Styro•former®

radiation therapy - Compu•cutter® III

radiation therapy - Huestis•Cascade™

BEST 15p Cyclotron

BEST 25p Cyclotron

BEST 30p Cyclotron

BEST 70p Cyclotron

BEST 35p Cyclotron

blood & research irradiators - Gammacell® 1000 / 3000

Raycell® Mk1