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Bay Corporation

867 Canterbury Road
Westlake, OH 44145-1486
United States

We manufacture medical gas fittings and connections including DISS fittings, International Probes, International Sockets, Quick-connect adaptors, Quick-connect couplers, PVC Hose, Hose Assemblies, CE-marked hose assemblies, Medgas Cylinder-valve Wrenches, Y-Block assemblies, NPT (Pipe Thread) fittings, Pin-indexed Yoke Assemblies, PVC Tubing, Filter Assemblies, Compact (shut-off) Valves, Flexible high-pressure pigtails, and Cylinder Valve Connections.

Bay Corporation's product line includes medical gas fittings, adaptors, couplers, connections, accessories, and equipment for Oxygen (OXY, O2), Medical Air (AIR), Suction (Vacuum, VAC), Nitrous Oxide (N2O), Nitrogen (N2), Waste anesthetic gas disposal (WAGD, EVAC), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), Heliox, and Instrument Air (IAIR).

Our quick-connect line includes Ohmeda style (Ohio, Diamond), Chemetron style (Allied, NCG), Puritan Bennett (PB) style, and Schrader style adaptors and couplers. Our international fittings line includes European (NIST), British Standard (BS), Scandinavian (AGA), French (AFNOR), German (DIN), Italian (UNI) and Australian (SIS) probes and sockets.

Also, Bay Corporation is a contract manufacturer and assembler of custom engineered medical gas products.

Exhibited At: 
Medical grade hose assemblies

Hose assemblies

Demand Check Units

Check Units and Valves

UNIFOR probes

UNIFOR (Italian) fittings

AGA probe

AGA (Scandinavian) fittings

BS probe

BS (British Standard) fittings

Stainless steel flexible pigtails

High Pressue fittings & connections

Filter assemblies

Filter Assemblies

Female pipe thread x hose barbeb fittings

Pipe Thread (NPT) fittings

NIST probes

NIST (European) fittings

Medical grade hose

Medical Grade Hose

DIN probes

DIN (German) fittings

AFNOR probes

AFNOR (French) fittings

SIS probes

SIS (Australian) fittings

90° swivel adaptor

90° Swivel adaptor

Puritan adaptors

Puritan-style Quick-connects

Chemetron adaptors

Chemetron-style Quick-Connects

Ohmeda adaptors

Ohmeda-style Quick-connects

DISS male adaptor

DISS Fittings

Schrader apaptors

Schrader-style Quick-connects