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Association of Market Operators of Medical Devices AMOMD

1 Plodova str
+38 044360-63-26

Association of market operators of medical devices AMOMD™ is the first and only professional organization in Ukraine that currently unites more than 70 national manufacturers, importers, distributors, and other participants of the medical devices market.

The operators of medical devices market for the first time announced their intention to join together in the Association in September 2012 within a framework of the 1st Ukrainian Forum of Medical Device Operators. On top of everything else the catalyst for this process  were the events and changes in the current legislation that led to the need to consolidate market representatives in search of effective mechanism to protect the market interests in the face of state pressure increase.

The Association was founded on November 7, 2012 to protect the professional interests of members and to ensure the support of free competition in the medical devices market.

Association of market operators of medical devices AMOMD™ - the member of the Global Medical Technology Alliance GMTA since 2019.

Today AMOMD ™ has 2 committees: 

  1. The medical equipment Committee 
  2. The Committee on cosmetic products and disinfectants

AMOMD® missions & principles:

  • promotion of the development and maintenance of a favorable legal and economic climate in the field of medical devices in Ukraine;
  • strengthening of the manufacturers, distributors, importers, pharmacy networks and Fast Moving Consumer Goods market community in relation to medical devices and equipment to form a consoli-dated position on the industry development and regulation;
  • implementation of measures aimed at the timely informing of the Association`s members about new changes in the system of registration, certification, tax and customs legislation, as well as the market of medical devices and medical equipment news;
  • creation of conditions for the effective cooperation of the Association`s members, exchange of ideas and opinions on the industry development and healthcare as a whole;
  • development and implementation of civilized business standards among the Association`s members and on the medical devices market;
  • representation and protection of the AMOMD`s members interest in the government authorities and healthcare bodies;
  • provision of conditions for effective interaction between the Association`s members with government officials and representatives of other business associations;
  • development of cooperation with international and foreign associations of medical devices.


I. Protecting the rights and lobbying

As part of the activities of the Association constantly works to support an enabling an environment for the business development of its members in Ukraine, starting with participation in public discussions of the draft regulations influenced on the members of the Association. We would like to improve the country's regulatory policy to protect the violated rights of the Association members in the executive branch.

II. Communication and business promotion

As we know, each association is, above all, the coincidence of interests, resulting in each participant would have a number of opportunities for joint action and creation of new useful contacts. The Association is the organizer of various events to promote members’ business. Each representative of the company-member of the Association might use the information space of the Association to communicate and share experiences with colleagues.

III. Informing

The Association offers its members regular monitoring of amendments in the legislation, trends, and prospects of the market of medical devices as well as other methodological and information support.

The Association via the authorized representatives is a member of the Public Сouncils of the following bodies:

  • the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine;
  • the State Service of Ukraine on Medicines and Drugs Control.

The Association's management is a part of the official working groups:

  • on improving conformity assessment of legislatively regulated measuring instruments used to ensure the citizens life and health protection of the Ministry of Economic Development of Ukraine;
  • on improving legislation in the field of medicinal products circulation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine

With the acquisition of AMOMD member status the following opportunities will be provided for the company:

  • to assert the own rights and protect interests in the bodies of the central executive/legislative power with the Association participation and support;
  • to participate in the implementation and to act as the initiator of the AMOMD regulatory projects, be involved in the work of community councils attached to the central executive bodies, as well as in the specialized committees of the Association;
  • to participate in the preparation and development of draft regulations governing the scope of medical devices;
  • to receive a constant legal and methodological support  of the Asoociation in the regulatory field of medical devices;
  • to take part quarterly in the AMOMD members meeting free of charge (conference format), where Association provides a regulatory slice of its activity for the reporting quarter, involving professional speakers, representatives of relevant ministries and departments, consultants, and experts;
  • systematically receive a powerful information flow in the e-newsletters form and an electronic publications (digest), including the change monitoring in legislation that regulates the activities of operators of the medical devices market, market analytical findings, announcements of events and other news;
  • to use the AMOMD business information space for communication and exchange of experience with colleagues;
  • to receive substantial discounts for participation in public events (conferences, forums, round tables, seminars, webinars, trainings), where Association is the the partner or co-organizer of the event.

AMOMD is always open to cooperation and ready to provide support and assistance to ensure the medical devices solutions to be modern, acceptable for business, effective and feasible for healthcare institutions, and lead to an increase in the availability of high medical technologies for Ukrainian population.​

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