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PO Box 214742
Office G005 Nucelotide Building
United Arab Emirates
+971 44470963

Arjo is a leading global provider of medical technology products and solutions.With products and solutions that ensure ergonomic patient handling, personal hygiene, disinfection and the effective prevention of pressure ulcers and venous thromboembolism, we help professionals across care environments to continually raise the standard of safe and dignified care. Everything we do, we do with people in mind.

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Akron Streamline Mobile 3

Akron Streamline Continental

Akron Deluxe Tilt Table Range

Akron Mat Table

Akron Streamline Changing Table

Akron Bobath Tables

Akron Streamline Europa Continental & Drainage

Akron Bobath 5

Akron Echo 2 Couch

Akron Streamline Ultra 3 couch

Akron Streamline Merit Drop End couch

Akron Streamline Gynae

Akron Bariatric Couch

Akron Special Procedures Couch

Akron Streamline Phlebotomy Chair

Akron Streamline Merit 3 couch

Akron Day Care Couch

Akron Streamline Merit 2 couch

Streamline General Purpose Couch

Overbed Table Lightweight, durable and easy-to-clean overbed table