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22071 Cadorago (CO) BA

TAILOR-MADE BLISTER PACKING MACHINES FOR DISPOSABLE MEDICAL PRODUCTS We provide on a daily basis tailor-made and high-tech solutions for the blister packing of disposable medical products like syringes, needles, catheters, filters, gauzes, surgical kits, valves, cannulas, phials and much more. Possibility to use rigid films, flexible films, multi-layer aluminium films, medical paper and Tyvek in order to be able to access to the following sterilization procedure. You can choose the option to get only trays up to 1 mm. of thickness, without top sealing. Possibility to get packages in modified atmosphere and/or under vacuum for particular applications.

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In-line automatic blister packing machines for industrial products

Automatic blister packing machines for medical products

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