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Al Mazroui Medical & Chemical Supplies

Al Qouz
United Arab Emirates
971 42661272
Exhibited At: 

Elisa 800

Elisa 600

Elisa 600

Leon MRI

Leon MRI

Leon plus

Sonicaid One Rate Display 2MHz Doppler

OP3 XS High Sensitivity 3MHz Probe

OP2 XS High Sensitivity 2MHz Probe

LifePulse 110 R Wave Synchronisation Monitor

Smartsigns MiniPulse Handheld Pulse Oxymeter

Smartsigns LitePlus Vital Signs Monitor

Smartsigns Compact 750 Pre-configured Monitor

Smartsigns Compact 1000 Monitor

Smartsigns Compact 300 Monitor

Sonicaid Freedom Wireless Transducers

Sonicaid BD4000xs Series Fetal Monitor

Sonicaid FM830 Encore Acute FetalMaternal Monitoring

Sonicaid Team 3 Series FetalMaternal Monitor

LymphAssist™ System IPC Garments