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Orthopedic & Physiotherapy/Rehabilitation

Ottobock Prosthetic Leg

Prosthetic leg

invalid air cushion

Invalid Air Cushions

Kyphoplasty Reformation System

Kyphoplasty balloon catheter

Spanish and English Videos About GeoSurgical



5.0 self tapping screw

trauma plates and screws,spine implants,interlocking nails and external fixation

MTP Locking Plate

Midfoot C Plate

Calcaneal Plate

Orbita Plate

Nose H - Plate

Mini Screw

Mini Plate with Continuous Hole

Cervical Self Drilling Bone Screw 4.0mm

Titanium Elastic Nail

Universal Femoral Nail

Proximal Femoral Nail

Kidney cage

Expandable Eco Cage

Occipital T Plate

Plate with Cage

Anterior Cervical Fusion Cage PEEK

Midfoot TMT Plate

Distal Radius Fixator

Cervical Plate

Proximal Femoral Nail AR

Ankle Arthrodesis Nail

Cortex screws

KHAN 10A Movable Lift Toilet Seat

External Fixation System

exHEAL - The External Fixation System

Hip Replacement Implants

hipHEAL - Arthroplasty

DHS Plate

Bipolar Prosthesis XL Sterile

Locking Head Screws

LCP Medial Distal Tibia 3.5mm Without Tab

LCP Proximal Lateral Tibia 4.5mm

LCP Distal Femur 4.5mm

LCP Distal Radius Variable Angle Plate 2.4mm

LCP Proximal Humerus Long PH 3.5mm

LCP Superior Anterior Clavicle 3.5mm

Total and modular hip and knee prothesis

Orthopedic trauma fixation

Spine fixation system

Monoaxial Screw

Polyaxial Screw

 The Intramedullary Nailing System

intraHEAL Nailing System

Locking Plating System

fixLOCK Plating System