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Hemoglobin Meter

Stat EMS™ Ambulance and Emergency

Mobile In-vitro Diagnostic System

Mobile IVD System 1drop™

T.L.F Cuff Inflator

T.L.F Cuff Inflator w/ Digital Pressure Manometer

SpiroQuant A



Non-Mercury Stand-Alone BP Monitor DM-3000

NIBP+SpO2 Combo Handheld Monitor

NIBP+SpO2 Combo Handheld Monitor WB-100

Bluetooth Pusle Oximeter

Bluetooth Pulse Oximeter with Smartphone Application BO-750BT

LEAD-free O2 Sensor

Lead-free O2 Sensor

O2 Analyzer/Monitor

Oxygen Analyzer & Monitor

Patient monitor

Patient monitor

FORA 6 Plus Multi-Functional Monitoring System

FORA® 6 Plus Multi-Functional Monitoring System

FORA 6 Connect and iFORA App

FORA® 6 Connect Multi-Functional Monitoring System

Hematology / HumaSRate 24PT

Hemoglobin | HB-101

Hemoglobin | HB-101

UltraCrit Plus™ Hematocrit Analyzer

HemataStat II Hematocrit Analyzer

HemataStat II™ - Hematocrit Analyzer

DiaSpect T Low Hemoglobin Analyzer

DiaSpect T Low - Hemoglobin Analyzer

DiaSpect Tm - Hemoglobin Analyzer

Hemoglobinmeter HG-220

Hemoglobinmeter HG-220

Hematology / HumaCount 5D

Premium Hb Monitoring System

BeneCheck Premium Hb Monitoring System

Hematology Analyzer MEK-7300

Hematology Analyzer MEK-7300