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Healthcare & General Services

Explore through an assortment of Healthcare management products in Omnia’s Global Medical Directory. Omnia brings you a large collection of healthcare management products including quality management, marketing/advertising and more. This directory provides you with knowledge of companies that specialize in healthcare management, and the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.  

Inspital Medical Technology/ Surgical Suction Unit

Surgical Suction Units

Inspital Medical Technology/Operating Light

Operating Light

Inspital Medical Technology/Operating Table

Operating Tables

Samson Pelvic Binder, Back Support, Pain Relief

Samson Pelvic Binder-(S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL)

Samson Scrotal Support, Scrotal Belt, Scrotal Protector, Scrota care

Samson Scrotal Support-Universal

Samson Hernia Belt, Hernia Support

Samson Hernia Belt-Universal (Black)

Mesenchymal stem cell (MSC)

Samson Abdominal Belt Towel, Abdomen Support, Abdomen Belt, Back Support, Back Protector, Abdomen Brace, Back Pain Relief

Samson abdominal Belt-(Towel)-(S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL)


Samson Abdominal Belt, Abdomen Support, Abdomen Belt, Back Support, back Brace, Back Protector, Back Pain Relief

Samson Abdominal-Belt(Gold)-(S/M/L/XL/2XL/3XL/4XL)

Wound Care Management

Distal Duck Kit

AMSCO 600 Steam Sterilizer

SI SA 'S' Sonic Irrigator

Reliance™ PTX Endoscope Processing System

AMSCO™ 7000HP Series Washer-Disinfectors

Prolystica™ High Performance (HP) Cleaning Chemistries

Celerity™ 20 HP Incubator

V-PRO™ s2 Low Temperature Sterilizer

Samson Abdominal Support, abdominal Support, Back Support, Back Brace, Back Pain. Back Pain Relief, Back Belt

Samson Abdominal Support 09

Samson Cervical Collar Hard, Neck Support, Neck care, Neck Protector, Neck Pain Relief

Samson Cervical Collar (Hard Adjustable)

Samson Cervical Collar Boneless, Neck Support, Neck Care, Neck Pain Relief, Neck Protector

Samson Cervical Collar Soft(Firm Density)-(S/M/L)

Samson Cervical Collar Soft, Neck Support, Neck Care, Neck Pain Relief, Neck Protector, Cervical Neck Support

Samson Cervical Collar Soft with support-(S/M/L)

Samson Cervical Orthosis, Neck Support, Cervical Neck Support, Neck Pain Relief, Neck Protector, Neck Care

Samson Cervical Orthosis(Philadelphia)-(S/M/L/XL)



Cardivais General Catalogue

Cardivais General Catalogue

eCTD CTD Dossier

eCTD CTD - KnowledgeNET

BioCompact II 610

Nufabrx Pain Relief Infused Clothing

Washing trolley

Rehabilitation Products II

Adjustable Tilting Table

Rehabilitation Products

FamoClean pre-cleaning

FamoClean pre-cleaning

PROTEC rotary heat sealers

PathFlow Rotavirus/Adenovirus - M595CE

PathFlow Rotavirus/Adenovirus - M595CE

PathFlow H.Pylori

Pathflow H.Pylori - M587CE

PathFlow C diff GDH &TOX A/B

PathFlow C diff GDH &Tox A/B - M588CE

Fundamental Surgery

Fundamental Surgery

Precision Mold & OEM Injection Molding

Precision Mold & OEM Injection Molding


Absorbable Haemostatic Gelatin Sponge

SunVit-D3 5,000 IU (125µg) – 28 Tablets


WorkFLO Mobile Computing

WorkFLO Mobile Computing - Non Powered

Access Point Mobile Computing

Fibre Optic Cloud

Fibre Optics

Mobile Interactive Floor Projection


Snoezelen® Multifinity Explorer™ Sensory Room Wall Panel by ROMPA®

Wall Panels

Maxi Bubble Tube by ROMPA®

Bubble Tube

The Vibro Tub by ROMPA® - Quarter Circle

Soft Play

Tubular Bells - Set of 7: Ground Fix

Auditory Products