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Disposables & Consumer Goods

Browse disposables and consumer goods in Omnia’s Global Medical Directory. Explore a large collection of disposables and consumer goods by category including wound care disposables, hygiene products, and many more. This directory provides companies that specialize in disposables and consumer goods the ability to contact the manufacturer’s and suppliers you are most interested in.

Plain Tube

Clot Activator Tube


Non Vacuum Blood Collection Tube

Buffer Bottles

Prefill Dropper For Single Rapid Test

Diagnostic Test Cassette

Puriblood Leukocyte Reduction Filtration System for Red Blood Cells - LRW-50-04-PS

Puriblood Leukocyte Reduction Filtration System for Red Blood Cells

Buffer Bottles

HMD Alcohol Awabs

Alcohol Swabs

gel + clot activator tube

Paediatric Urine Collecting Bag

Luer Lock

Respiratory Exerciser

Vacutainer Blood Collection Tube

HIV Protection Kit

Urine Culture Bottle

Urine Pot [ Male & Female ]

Bed Pan

Sputum Cup

Infant Mucus Extractor

Disposable Cap

Examination Rubber Gloves

Examination Polyethylene Gloves

Corrugated Drainage Sheet

Umbilical Cord Clamp

Karman Cannula

Umbilical Catheter

Colostomy Kit

Levin’s Tube

Redon Drain Catheter

Under Water Sealed Drainage Bag [Medi - Drain]

Mini Close Wound Suction Unit

Epidural Catheter

Suction Catheter Closed System (24 hr. / 72 hr.)

Ambu Bags

PVC Laryngeal Mask

Tracheostomy Tube

Ventilator Circuits

Bain Circuits

T-PC. For Nebulizer

T Oxygenator

High Concentration Oxygen Mask

Single Dial Venturi Mask

Multiflow Venturi Mask

Nebulizer Mask

Reinforced Cuffed & Plain

Endotracheal Tube Cuffed & Plain

Oxygen Mask

Twin Bore Nasal Oxygen Set